Selling a home requires you to find an ideal buyer, someone who can envisage themselves living within the walls or planning a huge renovation. Going through estate agents can take you up-to 6 months and you may not have the perfect buyer in the end. With Fast Sale Now, we become that perfect buyer and aim to complete our property transactions in as little as 7 days. We are a team of property experts with over 30 years of experience in the industry, and have dealt with all kinds of property sales. Please get in touch with us now for a free no obligation consultation, which will usually result in a prompt viewing of your property and an offer in 24 hours. It just doesn’t get faster than that. Save on the stress!

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Unfortunately divorce or separation can be one of the stressful things in life and mainly always results in the divide of equity. This process can take 6 months. With Fast Sale Now, the average completion time is 7 days.

Moving Abroad

There are millions of brits living abroad. If you are next and need a fast sale on your property. Fast Sale Now can ensure that your overall emigration process is as convenient as possible with a fast house sale.

No Estate Agents

Sell to Fast Sale Now and no sale board, no viewings, no hassle, just fast results, saving you up-to 6 months, with a prompt property transaction generally within 7 working days. Wow!

Stop Repossession

Your home may be re-possessed if you are unable to keep up-to date with mortgage payment. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence. Contact Fast Sale Now today so we can intervene and stop your repossession.

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