Divorce / Separation

Marriages & relationships in the UK, generally result in the division of assets such as properties. These procedures incorporate legal responsibilities from both parties to ensure that the home, equity and gatherings are split accordingly. Some couples will conclude that splitting of all equity is the best option resulting in the partitioning of the overall property value.

At Fast Sale Now we understand that divorce and separation are one of the most stressful moments of anyones life. Why not reduce this stress by having the convenience of selling your property in as little as 7 days? This will save you months with estate agents, as well as potential disagreements between solicitors. We may dealt with many divorces and have helped many couples, so be confident of a fantastic and resolving service.

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Selling a House After Divorce

Each separation in the UK is very different, with certain gatherings wishing to stay in the property post division and some requiring the offer of property to settle obligations and permit a separation to have the option to continue. For some, the reality of the situation could prove that the property is as of now in negative value and help is required with diminishing any remarkable advance. It is consequently that we tailor our administration offering to your definite needs, providing you with the help you need in the specific way you need it. Regardless of what your present circumstance is, we make certain to have the option to help, so call us today to perceive how we could assist you with a separation house deal.

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We have helped hundreds of divorced and separated couples over the United Kingdom to finish their partitions in a manner that is convenient and stress-free to them. Our qualified group of experts have given guidance to many couples and guided them towards a smooth house separation process.

On the off chance that you do need assistance with selling your home because of separation, get in touch with us by calling us and addressing a colleague. On the other hand, you can send us a message by entering your post code above or on our homepage!

Also, don’t forget – that we pay ALL of your legal costs as well. Our service will not cost you a penny – further improving your experience.

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