Sell Your House Fast in Birmingham.

In Birmingham, you’ve attempted to sell your house fast multiple times, but each time some problems arise. Perhaps you even tried getting in touch with a local real estate agent. Selling a Birmingham house fast the “traditional” way, with the help of a local real estate agent, isn’t the ideal option for everyone. You need a real estate investor who can either immediately settle into your home without making any major alterations, or who is willing to make significant improvements, to sell a house quickly the traditional way.

Using an agent to sell your home can add up to 6 months to the process, and you still might not find a good buyer. Put all of your concerns regarding the sale of your Birmingham property out of your mind. We are here to help you in any manner that we possibly can. Continue your reading if you want to find out how!

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    What properties do
    we buy in Bermingham?:

    We buy houses of any kind of property that is located in or around the Bermingham region, including both residential and commercial properties.

    Residential properties

    Residential real estate is seen as a necessity rather than a potential source of profit or investment. We have a variety of residential properties on our home listings that we buy. Included in this category are Flats and Apartments, Bungalows, Terraced houses, Cottages etc. A sizable inventory of aforementioned residential areas for rent is currently looking for new residents to call it home. We are active buyers and sellers of these areas in the Birmingham area.

    Commercial properties

    Acquisition of commercial property serves both practical and financial goals. The list of commercial properties that we include are, Retail offices, Industries, Leisure, and healthcare.

    House Prices in Birmingham

    Birmingham’s housing market has become increasingly expensive as the average price of a property has risen over the previous several years. There is a continuing annual decline in the number of houses on the market, leaving buyers with fewer options and less competition for their money. Because of this, home sellers need to be patient if they hope to make a profit.

    An Average price

    For the previous year, the average price of a home in Birmingham was determined to be £227,722.

    Semi-detached home

    Semi-detached homes accounted for the vast majority of property transactions in Birmingham for the past year, with an average sale price of £239,815.

    Terraced and flat homes

    The average price for terraced homes was £196,616, while the price for flats was £154,034. The most recent year saw home sales in Birmingham at an average price 11% higher than the prior year and a peak price 15% more than the previous year’s record high of £198,544.

    Receive a
    Free, No-Obligation Cash Offer

      How “Fast Sale” sells
      your house fast in Birmingham!

      There are numerous different scenarios in which you can find it necessary to sell your house fast in Bermingham. This could be because you are trying to prevent repossession or simply because you have found your dream home, it may be a new job, a change of personal circumstances like a divorce, inheritance of bad rental tenants, or there could be other reasons too, but the sale of your existing Birmingham house is not yet close to being finalized to sell fast.

      Every single application is considered

      Regardless of the matter of why you want to sell your Birmingham house quickly, we will give careful consideration to every application that comes our way.

      Quick and efficient

      Our service protects you from all of the hazards that are associated with using conventional real estate investors. Our procedure is designed to make you a fair all-cash offer in as short as 7 days or you can say a week.

      Deal within 24 hours

      We have the finances immediately accessible to buy your house for a fair offer, and we can make a deal in principle to do so within 24 hours in a professional way.

      Sell any property

      Regardless of the state, your home is in or the neighborhood in which it is located, or whether it’s been damaged in some way by fire, smoke or affected by other issues. Our experts will sell any property in the Birmingham area, regardless of these issues.

      Why Fast Sale Now?

      Fast Sale Now are different to other British home buyers because we buy any property, whether it be house, flat, commercial property, even freehold ground rents. We will confidently make you an instant, no obligation cash offer for any type of property, regardless of size, location or condition, up to the value of £500,000.

      We’re genuine cash buyers, and one of the quickest, most reliable property buyers in our sector. Our honesty, integrity are our most valuable assets, along with our professional friendly team who are always on hand to discuss your options and answer your questions with no obligation or pressure.
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      Fair Cash Offers

      We provide you with fair and confident no-obligation cash offer regardless of the size, location, or condition of your property, up-to £500K anywhere in England.

      Legal Fees Covered

      Save thousands of pounds with Fast Sale Now, with full coverage of any legal fees associated with your property sale.
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      Highly Experienced

      With decades of experience, we are confident of a seamless process in your property sale which sets us apart from the conventional estate agent methods.
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      Choose When to Move Out

      We can make you an offer within 24 hours but that does not mean that you have to rush the process of vacating the house. If you need some time. We can provide you with that.
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      Honesty & Transparency

      Our honesty & integrity are our most valuable assets that we encourage throughout the company, and have at the forefront of our services.
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      Protection From Lenders

      We protect you from mortgage lenders by assisting in your property repossession. We will ensure you get a fair value for your property before your property can be re-possessed.
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      House Prices in Birmingham

      Properties in Birmingham had an overall average price of £227,722 over the last year.

      The majority of sales in Birmingham during the last year were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £239,815. Terraced properties sold for an average of £196,616, with flats fetching £154,034.

      Overall, sold prices in Birmingham over the last year were 11% up on the previous year and 15% up on the 2018 peak of £198,544.

      Why choose us for a Fast Sale?

      We are specialists in the quick property sale industry so if you need to sell your house fast then our team are able to provide you with a hassle free process that will enable you to receive a cash value for your property in as little as 7 days. Unlike other quick house sale companies we tend to pay you cash up to 80% of the market value of your property.  

      With over 30 years of experience in the property market, our team of property experts will provide you with a FREE cash offer within 24 hours.

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      How to sell your house fast in Birmingham

      There are many reasons why you may wish to sell your home fast. This could be due to avoiding repossession or simply that you have found your dream home, however, the sale of your own property is not close. Our service alleviates all the pit falls of a traditional estate agency as our process is designed to provide you with an offer in as little time as 7 days. No matter what condition your home is in, or what area of Birmingham it resides, we have the funds readily available to buy your property for cash with an offer made in principle within 24 hours.

      You Need To Know

      Following on from your prompt initial consultation, we can guarantee a cash offer within just 24 Hours!

      Houses in a negative condition take considerably longer to sell. With Fast Sale Now, we can guarantee to make you an offer, no matter the condition of the property or the area.

      Why pay commission? With Fast Sale Now, you receive a free service, and save up-to thousands of pounds on just Estate Agent fees. 

      The average cost of property conveyancing is around £1,000. Fast Sale Now have got this covered for you.

      Clearing a property out can be time consuming and expensive. Fast Sale Now are happy to take properties as seen, prompting an even more convenient experience.

      Just because we can make you an offer within 24-hours, this doesn’t mean you have to rush the process. If you need some time, we’ve got you covered.

      Cash advances available for your property sale. Get in touch with us for more information.

      Most house sales require the vendor to pay for an Energy Performance Certificate. When you sell your property to’ Fast Sale Now, we can obtain this separately, saving you the associated costs and time.

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      How We Compare to a
      Typical Estate Agent

      Fast Sale Now

      7 Days to Completion

      Estate Agents

      3-6 Months Completion

      AVG Market Value



      Final agreed price after survey



      Estate Agents Fees (2% VAT)



      Mortgage Payments



      Solicitors Fees (£1,000 +VAT)



      Bills & Repairs



      Removals / Clearance



      Final Price paid to the customer



      Fast Sale Now

      7 Days to Completion

      Estate Agents

      3-6 Months Completion

      AVG Market Value £100,000 £100,000
      Final agreed price after survey £80,000 £92,500
      Estate Agents Fees (2% VAT) £0 £2,200
      Mortgage Payments £0 £4,780
      Solicitors Fees (£1,000 +VAT) £0 £1,200
      Bills & Repairs £50 £1,800
      Removals / Clearance £0 £1,200
      Final Price paid to the customer

      Our Fast Sale Process

      Start by entering your post code

      Flats, Apartments, Bungalows, Cottage, and Houses with terraces.

      Receive your cash offer

      A wide range of options for your home and personal belongings

      Prompt sale in little as 7 days

      A wide range of options for your home and personal belongings


      What types of properties does Fast Sale Now purchase in Birmingham?

      Fast Sale Now buys a wide range of property types in Birmingham, including residential properties like flats, apartments, bungalows, terraced houses, and cottages, as well as commercial properties such as retail offices, industries, leisure, and healthcare facilities.

      How does the current Birmingham housing market affect my ability to sell fast with Fast Sale Now?

      Despite the Birmingham housing market's increasing prices and the annual decline in the number of houses on the market, Fast Sale Now provides a reliable solution for selling your property quickly. Their process is unaffected by market fluctuations, offering a fast cash sale regardless of market conditions.

      Can Fast Sale Now assist with selling properties that have been difficult to sell through traditional methods in Birmingham?

      Yes, Fast Sale Now specializes in purchasing properties that may have been challenging to sell through traditional methods. Whether due to condition, location, or other factors, they provide a straightforward and efficient alternative for homeowners struggling to find buyers.

      What unique benefits does Fast Sale Now offer to property sellers in Birmingham?

      Fast Sale Now offers several unique benefits, including the ability to make a fair cash offer for any type of property up to £500,000, covering all legal fees associated with the sale, and providing a highly experienced team to ensure a seamless sale process. They also offer flexibility in the moving out process, allowing sellers to choose their move-out date.

      How does Fast Sale Now support homeowners facing repossession in Birmingham?

      Fast Sale Now assists homeowners facing repossession by offering a quick sale option that can prevent the property from being repossessed. They ensure a fair value for the property, providing homeowners with a viable solution to settle debts and avoid repossession.

      What is the process for receiving a cash offer from Fast Sale Now in Birmingham, and how long does it take?

      Homeowners in Birmingham can receive a cash offer from Fast Sale Now by simply entering their postcode on the website and submitting their property details. Fast Sale Now guarantees a cash offer within just 24 hours of the initial consultation, emphasizing their commitment to a fast and efficient sale process.